Web 2.0: afectación de derechos en los nuevos desarrollos de la web corporativa. ABSTRACT

María Teresa Heredero Campo [Doctoranda Derecho Civil Universidad de Salamanca]

There is no doubt that we are immersed in what has been called the Digital Age. Use of Information Technology and Communication have invaded our lives with force much attention in our lives and have gained many followers in recent years.

The flood of information is endless and the possibilities to foster, to foment and to promote communication worldwide are multiplying at a dizzying pace. In this sense, the applications developed by Web 2.0 (Forums, Blogs, Wikis, Social Networks, etc.) represent an important advance since they present the user as a generator of contents.

Providing some level of security and protecting the privacy of those who use the new technologies become increasingly more complex tasks, since the exercise of certain rights grant a wide margin of freedom which in practice can cause major violations of other rights not less important - such as honor or privacy. It is therefore necessary to address the legal interests which are affected by the digital communication 2.0.

Through this notebook we intend on the one hand to give a vision of which are and what do the main applications of Web2.0 consist in and on the other hand to highlight those rights and freedoms which are inextricably linked to this term.